Cosmological consequences of the model of low-energy quantum gravity

Authors: Michael A. Ivanov
Comments: 18 pages.
The model of low-energy quantum gravity by the author is based on the conjecture about an existence of the graviton background. An interaction of photons and moving bodies with this background leads to small additional effects having essential cosmological consequences. In the model, redshifts of remote objects and the dimming of supernovae 1a may be interpreted without any expansion of the Universe and without dark energy. Some of these consequences are discussed and confronted with supernovae 1a, long GRBs, and QSOs observations in this paper. It is shown that the two-parametric theoretical luminosity distance of the model fits observations with high confidence levels (100% for the SCP Union 2.1, 43% for JLA compilations, 99.81% for long GRBs, and 13.73% for quasars), if all data sets are corrected for no time dilation. These two parameters are computable in the model.
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