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My courses are in General Physics for students of the first two years (usually three Therms) of the Belarus State University of Info and Radioelectronics:

    Mechanics and Thermodynamics;

    Electrodynamics and Optics;

    Quantum Physics.

Research Interests

I am a theorist. At present, my main research interests lie in the areas of particle physics, gravitational physics and cosmology. In particular, I am working on the model of low-energy quantum gravity having a big possible impact on cosmology.

Summary of Publications

Since approximately 1994, my interests correspond to the topics:

1. Model of the composite fundamental fermions.

2. Manifestations of the background of super-strong interacting gravitons: a possibility of another interpretation of cosmological redshifts; a possible connection with the supernovae 1a dimming; a deceleration of massive bodies due to forehead and backhead collisions with gravitons; a non-universal character of the Hubble diagram for soft and hard radiations; the correction for no time dilation; galaxy/quasar number counts; constancy of the Ratio H(z)/(1 + z) as a sign of low-energy quantum gravity.

3. Gravity as the screening effect: screening the graviton background, pairing gravitons, the gravitonic pressure force, restrictions on a geometrical language in gravity, the connection between Hubble's and Newton's constants in this non-geometrical approach, asymptotic freedom in low-energy quantum gravity and a non-universal transition to it.

4. Discrete symmetries underlying some continuous ones in gravity and particle physics.

Publication List

A collection of my publications (total 31 entries, the last one of 23 March 2010) is available via the arXiv author identifier service. Some of my papers may be found on the vixra.org archive.

    Some references are given below:

1. Michael A. Ivanov. Gravitons as super-strong interacting particles, and low-energy quantum gravity. In the book Focus on Quantum Gravity Research, Ed. David C. Moore, Nova Science, New York, 2006, pp. 89-120 [pdf 471 kB]

    It is also available from arXiv.org as hep-th/0506189v3.

2. Michael A. Ivanov. Preface to the book Searches for a mechanism of gravity. Eds. M.A. Ivanov, L.A. Savrov; Yu.A. Nikolaev Publisher: Nizhny Novgorod, 2004 (in Russian). [pdf 162 kB]

3. Michael A. Ivanov. Cosmological redshifts as the quantum gravitational effect. In the book Searches for a mechanism of gravity, Eds. M.A. Ivanov, L.A. Savrov; Yu.A. Nikolaev Publisher: Nizhny Novgorod, 2004, pp 266-273 (in Russian). [ pdf 401 kB]

4. Michael A. Ivanov. Eternal and perfect, but unknown, mechanism of gravity. A popular paper (in Russian) written for the UFN 2005 competition. [pdf 161 kB]

5. Michael A. Ivanov. The sea of super-strong interacting gravitons as the cause of gravity. Contribution to The 3d International Conference on Particle and Fundamental Physics in Space (Space Part'06 ), Beijing, China, 19 - 21 April 2006. (Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Suppl.) 166 (2007) 297-299) [pdf 126 kB]

    It is also available from vixra.org as vixra.org/abs/1002.0050.

6. Michael A. Ivanov. The graviton background vs. dark energy. Contribution to The Alternative Gravities and Dark Matter Workshop, Edinburgh, UK, 20-22 April 2006. [pdf 133 kB]

    It is also available from vixra.org as vixra.org/abs/0907.0037.

7. Michael A. Ivanov. A few remarks about the Pioneer anomaly. [pdf 49 kB]

    It is also available from arXiv.org as arXiv:0711.0450v1 [physics.gen-ph].

8. Michael A. Ivanov. System of equations describing 4 generations with the symmetry group SU(3)CxSU(2)LxU(1) (in Russian). [abstract djvu, 63 kB, djvu 285 kB]

    It is a paper deposited in VINITY in 1988 as VINITY 8842-B88; it was an important stage in development of my model of the composite fundamental fermions (see hep-th/0207210).

9. Michael A. Ivanov. No-time-dilation corrected Supernovae 1a and GRBs data and low-energy quantum gravity. Contribution to the VI Int. Workshop on the Dark side of the Universe (DSU2010), Guanajuato U., Leon, Mexico, 1-6 June, 2010. [pdf 179 kB]

    It is also available from vixra.org as vixra.org/abs/1006.0012.

10. Michael A. Ivanov. Another possible interplay between gravitation and cosmology. [pdf 325 kB]

    It is also available from arXiv.org as arXiv:1003.4476v3 [physics.gen-ph].

11. Michael A. Ivanov. Selected papers on low-energy quantum gravity. A free ebook of my selected papers on the subject, Version 2, 2018, 209 pages, pdf. [pdf 2395 kB]

    Version 1, 2011, 168 pages, pdf. [pdf 1566 kB ]

12. Michael A. Ivanov. Deceleration of massive bodies by the isotropic graviton background as a possible alternative to dark matter. [pdf 130 kB]

    It is also available from vixra.org as vixra.org/abs/1108.0030.

13. Michael A. Ivanov. Low-energy quantum gravity: some prospects in cosmology and astrophysics. Poster contribution to the conference NEB 15 - Recent Developments in Gravity, 20-23 June 2012, Chania, Greece. [pdf 156 kB]

    It may be found on the Conference website, too.

14. Michael A. Ivanov. New and old constants characterizing low-energy quantum gravity. [pdf 80 kB]

15. М.А. Иванов. Темная энергия как фантом современной картины Вселенной. В тезисах докладов конференции “Великие преобразователи естествознания: Николай Коперник”, 13–14 марта 2014, БГУИР, Минск. [pdf 156 kB]

16. Michael A. Ivanov. Estimating the Hubble constant on a base of observed values of the Hubble parameter H(z) in a model without expansion. [pdf 106 kB]

17. Michael A. Ivanov. Cosmological consequences of the model of low-energy quantum gravity. [pdf 485 kB]

18. Michael A. Ivanov. Advanced LIGO technologies may be partly used to verify a redshift mechanism. [pdf 52 kB]

19. М.А. Иванов. КВАНТОВАЯ ГРАВИТАЦИЯ И НАБЛЮДАЕМАЯ КАРТИНА ВСЕЛЕННОЙ. В тезисах докладов конференции “Великие преобразователи естествознания: Нильс Бор”, 16–17 марта 2017, БГУИР, Минск. [pdf 283 kB]

20. Michael A. Ivanov. The Constancy of the Ratio H(z)/(1 + z) as a Sign of Low-Energy Quantum Gravity. [pdf 103 kB]

21. Michael A. Ivanov, Adelya S. Narkevich, Polina S. Shenets. Modified Dynamics Due to Forehead Collisions of Bodies with Gravitons: Numerical Modeling. [pdf 169 kB]

22. Michael A. Ivanov. Deceleration of Massive Bodies Due to Forehead and Backhead Collisions with Gravitons. [pdf 80 kB]

23. Michael A. Ivanov. What Do We See: Signs Of Quantum Gravity Or Dark Energy? Contribution to the 15th Marcel Grossmann Meeting (MG15), Rome, Italy, July 1-7, 2018. [pdf 124 kB]
[2-page abstract, pdf 76 kB].

24. Michael A. Ivanov. Low-energy quantum gravity and cosmology without dark energy. Advances in Astrophysics, 2019, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp 1-6. [pdf 136 kB]

A Brief Bio

My full name in Russian is Михаил Анисимович Иванов. I was born in the Mogilev region of Belarus on 6 February 1948. From 1961, I live in Minsk. I learned physics at the Belarus State University, and graduated from it in 1972. After it, I was a researcher at the Research Institute for Applied Physics Problems of this university during the next 22 years. From 1994, I work as an educator at the Belarus State University of Info and Radioelectronics. I have received my Ph.D. degree from the Belarus State University in 1982.

My other pages on the web

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Contact Info

Here are my postal and email addresses:

Michael A. Ivanov,
Physics Dept.,
Belarus State University of Info and Radioelectronics,
6 P. Brovka Street, BY 220027, Minsk,
Republic of Belarus.

E-mail: ivanovma_TA_tut.by

My old e-mail boxes: ivanovma@gw.bsuir.unibel.by, michai@mail.by have now been removed.

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